Meditech Data – multiple modules


Electronic patient record in the acute care and long-term care systems in NL.


Meditech is the electronic patient record in the acute care and long term care systems in the province. It is an integrated system that includes financial, technical and clinical modules. NLCHI maintains a copy of demographic, administrative and clinical data related to ER, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, and long term care for all RHAs. This copy contains limited fields for long term care.


Palliative Care: Includes limited MIS information specific to designated beds, and would not capture all in-hospital palliation (i.e., for non-designated beds)

Emergency Care: ED data include variables such as CTAS level, type (e.g., ambulance, elective), dates/times of arrival and discharge, and presenting complaint.

Additional information

File Years

2011/12 to Current


Real-time (active)