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The Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information (NLCHI) is responsible for the maintenance, protection and security of the Provincial Data Lab. The Provincial Data Lab includes a provincial data repository and a secure, virtual environment that allows data users to interact with health data and information in new ways, while mitigating the risks associated with data disclosure. It has been established to extract the most value from health system data. NLCHI, through the Provincial Data Lab, continues to be committed to protecting personal health information and the privacy of individuals in compliance with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA) and the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA). For more information on NLCHI’s commitment to privacy please visit our website.


Personal Health Information

Personal health information means oral or recorded identifiable information about an individual that is collected, used, disclosed or processed for the provision of healthcare. This includes, but is not limited to, name, date of birth, MCP number and symptoms.

Two categories of information are available through the Provincial Data Lab:

  1. record level information; and
  2. aggregate information.

Record level information is taken directly from the health records of individuals. As this information is taken directly from health records, it contains identifying information. Access to record level information poses a greater risk to an individual’s privacy and demands greater due diligence before it is used or disclosed.

Aggregate data, such as counts and percentages, is information that has been averaged or grouped into ranges across multiple records. Aggregate information does not contain identifying information and generally cannot be used to identify individuals. The risk to an individual’s privacy is limited in relation to aggregate information.

The record level information contained in the Provincial Data Lab is used to help plan and manage our provincial health system. Within the Provincial Data Lab, identifying details such as names and MCP numbers will be removed before any information is used or disclosed. Record level information will not be accessed for research purposes until approval is received from a research ethics board under the Health Research Ethics Authority Act and from NLCHI’s Secondary Uses Committee.

Only the minimum amount of information needed to support any initiative will be provided.


Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information

The collection, use and disclosure of personal health information from the Provincial Data Lab is permitted in accordance with sections 29(1)(a) and (b); 31(j); 33; 34(c), (j), (k), (m) and (p); 39(d) and (h); and 44 of PHIA; and the Centre for Health Information Act, 2018.

Any additional collections, uses and disclosures from the Provincial Data Lab will be carried out in accordance with the ATIPPA and PHIA and uses and disclosures as required by law may also occur.

Where possible, identifying information will be removed prior to any such use or disclosure.

For more information on who may use information from the Provincial Data Lab and the process for accessing information please see About Provincial Data Lab and our FAQs.



Questions, concerns, or complaints relating to the Provincial Data Lab’s Privacy Policy, or the treatment of personal health information should be directed to

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, the PHIA provides a mechanism for independent review by contacting the office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner –