Data Access

NLCHI is a data custodian of provincial health data from a variety of sources including health care facilities, pharmacies, and clinics. Information in the systems maintained by The Centre is used for a variety of purposes such as clinical program management, health system management, public health, research, and quality assurance.

The Centre offers the following services for individuals interested in requesting data:

  • Access to a rich source of linkable, record level data on Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, including health care utilization, pharmacy data, and geographic data.
  • Data navigation service on behalf of NLCHI and the four regional health authorities to help requestors determine what data is available and the data quality.
  • Coordination of the information request process including guidance and support when applying to access our data holdings and/or link them to other data sets if required.
  • Remote access to the Provincial Data Lab, a secure private environment for data storage and analysis. This environment makes statistical software available to all users and promotes collaboration through the use of shared project folders.

If you are interested in connecting with NLCHI’s Data Navigation service please contact

Individuals can request access to either aggregate or record level data. If you would like to request data you can find the application forms here. If you have any questions about the forms or the request process please email