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  • Contains person-specific medication profiles, including patient demographic and drug information, prescribing physician, and other related information, for all of NL community pharmacies and three hospital outpatient dispensaries.

  • Electronic patient records (demographic, administrative, and clinical data) from NL emergency departments; data include variables such as CTAS level, type (e.g., ambulance, elective), dates/times of arrival and discharge, and presenting complaint.

  • Contains demographic and administrative information on prescription coverage for income support recipients, seniors in receipt of GIS, families having high drug costs relative to their income, and other low-income families and individuals.

  • Demographic, administrative and clinical data related to all deaths (residents and non-residents) that occur in NL; includes health conditions present at time of death; also includes underlying cause of death, as determined by Statistics Canada.

  • NLCHI is currently working in partnership with other provincial organizations to create an Opioid surveillance system. Additional data to be included (EMS, RCMP/RNC, THN-K, Medical Examiner, Mental Health). Completion date pending. Other options for data access may be available.